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ASHE 56th Annual Conference & Technical Exhibition

overall19 - Overall Evaluation

Jul 15, 2019 5:00am ‐ Jul 16, 2019 5:00pm

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7/18/19 11:27 am

Overall evaluation : Great program; lots of good information available. The only area where I was slightly disappointed was "Facilities Insight: How to prepare for a survey" held on Monday. The program was essentially 5 presenters comparing notes form their recent TJC survey. Felt the title of the session was a little misleading. Perhaps a title like Lessons Learned from recnt TJC Surveys would have been more accurate. If I would have seen that, I would have spent the time in a different session.

Thomas Stewart
7/18/19 11:57 am

Overall, this was a great conference. The sessions I attended were meaningful and well presented. Plus, there were plenty of sessions to choose from. Kudos to the ASHE staff for all of their work putting together another great educational and networking event.

Doug Sitton
7/18/19 12:41 pm

Great program

Darian Swiger CHFM, CLSS-HC
7/18/19 1:57 pm

I thought the Conference was very informative, I would like to have seen the NFPA there. Also the only Bad thing I could say would be that the session on Monday " New technologies For Healthcare Power and Emergency Power" should have been stated as "Micro-grids and how they may Benefit your Facility". I did get some information but felt i could have spend better time in another more relative Class. I really enjoyed the rest of the Conference and came back to work Motivated to enhancing My Facility and My local Chapter. Thanks

John Ferrara
7/18/19 6:07 pm

Very well organized; outstanding topics and speakers. The Infection Control with Susan Garcia, and the Wednesday Joint Commission Prep were the best. Very informative, well delivered.

Linda Mulford
7/19/19 3:46 pm

This was my first conference and overall I thought the program was excellent. I attended the pre-conference workshop on doors which was excellent.The Wednesday am general session and the Joint commission update were extremely informative. However, there were a couple of sessions I attended that were not what I expected based on the title; for example 'NFPA 99 Current application and next editions update' and 'Unraveling the regulatory knot: building an effective waste management program'. Looking forward to attending more conferences.

Michael Sanford
7/21/19 5:23 pm

This was my first conference. I thought it was put together very well. Hospitable Hospitals was not what i was expecting but other than that it was an overall great conference.

Francis Dinneen
7/23/19 6:51 am

This conference was excellent. The organization was great, the topics were interesting and covered a wide range of topics. At times it was difficult to decide which of the sessions to attend. I think this conference covered the very wide breadth of facilities management functions.

Robert Markowski
7/24/19 8:15 am

The annual conference was very good. I found the information provided at both the general and break out sessions was relevant to current trends and challenges in healthcare. The Keynote was very good also. The event venue was very nice; one comment on logistics though - Wednesday morning's breakout session "Joint Commission Updates" was the most attended breakout session I participated in but it was held in the smallest room. One suggestion may be to provide a larger space or consider holding this as a general session at next year's conference.

Scott Estes
7/25/19 10:39 am

Overall, outstanding conference.

David Stymiest
7/26/19 8:43 am

The sessions I attended were excellent, and the Conference App was intuitive (after a short while that is). My congratulations to the Annual Conference Planning Committee and your wonderful ASHE staff members for putting together and managing another excellent event.

David Stymiest
7/26/19 8:57 am

The system will not allow me to print my CEU form.

Jennifer Lacy
7/29/19 10:42 am

As an attendee the program was well organized and the variety of sessions helped cover different organizational perspectives.

James Buhr
8/5/19 8:57 am

Great conference.

Steven Larson
8/13/19 10:18 am

I found all presentations enlightening, and informative. I thoroughly enjoyed the Conference

Martin Dollar
8/15/19 2:47 pm

Awesome Conference, good to see old friends and meet new contacts.

Andrew Belobraydic
8/20/19 2:06 pm

Need a better speaker for the opening session.

Greg Weaver
8/21/19 9:02 am

The conference was great. Thank you ASHE for putting it together again.

Eddie Gomez
8/21/19 9:08 am

The conference had great content. The breakout sessions provided were to my liking and needs. I would have wished the Joint Commission session was a bit longer and not on the last day. All in All I was very satisfied with the content, location and the staff I interacted with.

John Park
9/6/19 3:07 pm

Great conference. most of the sessions that I attended provided helpful information.

Brian Martin
9/9/19 1:02 pm

It was great

James Hoover
12/27/19 11:53 am

Excellent presentation

James Hoover
12/27/19 12:06 pm

Excellent Conference

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