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2022 PDC Summit On Demand

Quarantine, Flip‐Flops, and Target Value Design = Success

‐ Mar 21, 2022 9:45am

Credits: None available.

What do you do when you have a $400 million spending cap on a new flagship county hospital, while in the midst of a global pandemic? For starters, make sure your preconstruction leader is managing the money from his garage, wearing shorts and flip-flops, and surrounded by pink flamingos!

During this lively panel discussion, you will hear about the many challenges posed throughout the hospital's design and construction during a worldwide pandemic. You will hear how the team achieved project certainty in an uncertain time. You will also learn how collaboration, transparency, technology and team culture played a huge role in successfully navigating these challenges to deliver a world-class facility.

Panelists will share administrative programming strategies and solutions, as well as their varying perspectives on the benefits of:
• Early BIM engagement
• Weekly cluster approach
• Early trade partner engagement
• Real-time estimating
• Budget transparency

Panelists will also talk about communication strategies that made a real difference, as well as their thoughts on how team camaraderie fosters an environment of trust.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine the target value and at what point in time it is set.
  • Calculate the time commitment it takes to successfully implement target value design.
  • Decide if bringing trade partners on the team early is necessary for success.
  • Explore why contractors or design firms would want to participate in this process as opposed to other tried & true processes.
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Michael Berry_1
10/5/22 1:08 pm

Throughout my career from field engineer to senior project manager with a larger regional general contractor/construction manager I have learned that taking a true team approach to projects is the only way to true success. I have not been part of IPD's but would like to have the opportunity someday. Regardless of the delivery method I certainly appreciate the jobs you remember working as a team across the board. One that I will always remember is constructing a greenfield replacement hospital in Corning, NY. I am extremely impressed with the teamwork and locked arms approach you took. Although I'm sure there were hard times and days along the way you overcame whatever it brought and you were tactful about handling those who just didn't work out. Thank you!