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2022 PDC Summit

Prefabricated Modular Exam Rooms Accelerate Renovation of MOB

Mar 23, 2022 11:00am ‐ Mar 23, 2022 12:00pm

Credits: None available.


In a first for Northwestern Medicine, the renovation of a medical office building (MOB) in Bloomindale, Ill., featured prefabricated modular exam rooms. More than 70 exam rooms were built as pods off-site in an assembly-line fashion and delivered to the MOB site, where they were slid into place for final connections. The pods were 95% completed at the off-site shop with drywall, insulation, ceiling tiles, cabinets, sinks, electrical wiring and plumbing. Nearly all finishing touches were completed as well, including the tile, paint, wall covering and millwork. Computer arms, blood pressure monitoring equipment, sharps needle containers and coat hooks were attached to the walls before delivery. The main advantage of modular pod construction is a more advantageous speed-to-market solution for project delivery, as well as the efficiency, safety and quality control of building in a controlled environment compared to a traditional project setting. While prefabricated modular units are common in the hospitality industry, the process is gaining traction in the health care industry. It is very helpful for medical providers to be able to walk into any exam room and know exactly where everything is and what to expect. Standardization helps significantly with flexibility, allowing different specialties to use the same exam rooms depending on volume, which makes the real estate footprints more efficient.

Learning Objectives:
  • Decide when to implement modular construction.
  • Equip teams with the collaborative planning, preparations and technology required for modular healthcare.
  • Discuss the quality, safety, time and other benefits of prefabricated exam rooms.
  • Identify lessons learned from the beginning to the end of the presented project.
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