Adam Posorke P.E.

Mechanical Engineer/BSA Board Member, BSA LifeStructures

Adam is a senior mechanical engineer and engineering lead at BSA LifeStructures. BSA is an ESOP and a national, integrated design firm supporting its core markets of Healing, Learning, and Discovery with a mission of "Creating inspired solutions that improve lives." In addition to designing projects and managing the HVAC design team for their Indianapolis studio, Adam serves on the board of directors for BSA. He provides valuable insight into the day-to-day operations and contributes to the firm's strategic planning and governance. As the board's youngest member, Adam is looked to for pushing toward the future of BSA for its employee-owners. Adam is passionate about the company's mission and believes that healthcare design greatly impacts the lives of all those in a community. Patients and their families, clinician staff, and facilities personnel to the commuters that drive by daily. Millions of people experience the buildings in their own way. Every aspect of healthcare design is important because it affects patient health to system maintainability, ultimately impacting the surrounding community. Adam graduated with a dual degree from Butler University (Economics) and Purdue University (Mechanical Engineering) and is currently a member of ASHRAE and ISHE professional organizations. Adam was President of the Central Indiana Chapter of ASHRAE in 2021-2022 and now is on the Board of Governors for the chapter. Adam is excited to continue contributing to the Indiana economy's growth and sustainability.