Bryan Jones

Associate Vice President, HDR Architecture, Inc.

For over 20 years, Bryan’s focus has been on the design and construction of healthcare facilities.  Since 2005 his expertise has focused on the assessment, repair, and mitigation of healthcare institutions in the Gulf Coast region.

In the days following Hurricane Ike, Bryan was shoulder-to-shoulder with the emergency response team at UTMB.  Bryan assisted the facilities team in the restoration of essential building engineering services, and the stabilization of air and water quality.  Bryan also worked closely with UTMB’s planning and operations teams to manage the relocation of critical departments of the hospital.

Once the facility was stabilized, the focus turned to repair and mitigation.  Bryan acted as the owner agent in negotiations with FEMA, to appropriately document the extent of property damage affected by the storm event.   Bryan then led his multi-disciplinary team to evaluate innovative and cost effective mitigation strategies to protect UTMB assets from future flood and wind damage.

With a keen understanding of FEMA policy, as well as other public assistance grant opportunities, Bryan has served to maximize the client’s reimbursement, reduce capital expenditure, and restore & protect the campus from future storm events.

As an Associate Vice President of HDR, Bryan has been a key leader in establishing and growing HDR in Houston.