Deborah Gregory

Dr. Debbie Gregory is a national leader in healthcare design, innovation, and transformation. As a nurse and interior designer, she is passionate about aligning the built environment and the clinical workflow. Currently, she serves as the Senior Clinical Consultant for the Technology Group at SSR. In today’s healthcare environment, clinical transformation and innovation are essential in navigating the care delivery model of the future. She serves as a liaison between the clinical community, the design and construction community, and the IT/engineering community to interpret and enhance the clinical workflow and operations with technology integration and implementation. Debbie provides educational summits that bring healthcare leaders, technology experts, and visionaries together to discuss the future of the healthcare delivery model and the integration of technology. She serves as the clinical voice for the Technology Group with a focus on maximizing the client’s technology investment to improve clinical workflow, patient experience, and ultimately patient outcomes. Debbie is the co-founder and past president of the Nursing Institute for Healthcare Design.