Ed Kiser

Director of Engineering, World Energy Innovations (WEI)

As the Director of Engineering and Concept Design, oversees WEI engineering and data analysis. Mr. Kiser has over 20 years of experience developing energy models to quantify energy efficiency opportunities. He also creates Monitoring and Verification plans to sustain the system design intent and performance. Ed interacts with clients to help them understand the variables that affect their performance and develops options to improve and sustain their operations. He has performed assessments and designs of numerous complex mechanical systems for industrial, food & beverage, manufacturing, and healthcare facilities to create more energy efficient and environmentally friendly operations. These include HVAC, heating and cooling plants, industrial processes, building automation controls, etc. He joined World Energy Innovations (WEI) in June 1999. Prior to joining WEI, Mr. Kiser, an Aerospace Engineering graduate from University of Michigan, had worked for a Fortune 500 jet engine manufacturer as a performance analyst.