Editor-in-Chief, AORN Guidelines for Perioperative Practice, AORN

Dr. Erin Kyle is the Editor-in-Chief of the Guidelines for Perioperative Practice at AORN where she works closely with the Nursing Practice team and the Guidelines Advisory Board in developing and updating AORN's 35 evidence-based guidelines. Before joining AORN in 2017, Dr. Kyle served as regional director of perioperative services for a large US health system in the Midwest. Dr. Kyle has served as lead author of four AORN Guidelines – Sterilization, Instrument Care and Cleaning, Packaging for Sterilization, and Medical Device and Product Evaluation. She serves as staff liaison to AAMI and is active in national and international standards development with AAMI on 16 sterilization standards committees including serving as co-chair of WG95, water quality for processing medical devices. Dr. Kyle also represents AORN in facility design and construction guidelines with FGI. She is passionate about perioperative patient safety and seeks to develop and promote evidence-based practices that bolster optimal outcomes and protect patients and perioperative teams from harm.