Jane Epperson

Assistant Director, Central Region, US Department of Energy Combined Heat & Power Technical Assistance Partnership

As Assistant Director of the U.S. DOE’s Central CHP Technical Assistance Partnership, Ms. Epperson is enthusiastic about facilitating access to no-cost services available to healthcare facilities to consider the enhanced energy security and resiliency benefits of combined heat and power (CHP) technology. Ms. Epperson can bear witness to the value of these services as she was on the receiving end of them in her previous position. Ms. Epperson now provides outreach and education on CHP technology and connects facilities/businesses who may be a good fit for CHP application with no-cost screening analysis for their specific facility, as well as more advanced technical assistance. As the U.S. DOE CHP Technical Assistance Partnership is a national program, your facility in your state may be eligible.As Associate Director of the Energy Resources Center (ERC), Ms. Epperson assists the Director with operational and strategic planning and implementation of the ERC, covering the four research areas of the Distributed Generation, the Bio Energy, the Energy Efficiency, and the Utility Management Billing. The Energy Resources Center (ERC), based out of the College of Engineering at the University of Illinois Chicago, is an interdisciplinary public service, research, and special projects organization that works to advance energy sustainability and improve the environment.