Jim Peterkin PE, LEED AP, FASHE

Principal, Senior Fire Protection Engineer / Life Safety Consultant, TLC Engineering Solutions

Jim Peterkin is a licensed fire protection engineer at TLC Engineering Solutions. He holds a bachelor's degree from Drexel University and has over 38 years of highly specialized experience in fire protection engineering and life safety consulting. With his extensive background, he is exceptionally qualified to lead multidisciplinary teams in engineering integrated building systems that effectively detect and control the spread of fires, while ensuring occupants can safely evacuate in the event of a fire emergency. Jim actively participates as a principal member in various NFPA technical committees, including NFPA 99 Fundamentals of Health Care Facilities and NFPA 101 Health Care Occupancies. Additionally, he serves as the chair of the NFPA 1 Fundamentals of the Fire Code committee. Known for his expertise, Jim frequently presents technical information at national conferences and industry events.