Jimmie Greg

Lead Energy Analyst, Bernhard

Greg Jimmie is a Lead Energy Analyst at Bernhard, where he primarily focuses on analyzing and identifying energy efficiency opportunities. His responsibilities encompass a broad spectrum of energy systems, including campus-wide, whole building, and small sub-systems. Greg specializes in chiller plant sequencing and optimization and collaborates with engineers to troubleshoot and maximize plant performance. Additionally, he dedicates his efforts to enhancing building performance by focusing on the building load side. Greg holds a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego. He has also completed ClimaCheck expert training in Europe and actively participates as a member of ASHRAE. In recognition of his accomplishments, Greg was honored as the 2020 AEE Region V Young Energy Professional of the Year. Recently, he co-authored an article titled "Maintaining Chiller Efficiency: Lessons Learned from a Hospital Study" in AEE's International Journal of Energy Management.