John P. Koch PE

Partner, Jaros, Baum & Bolles (JB&B)

John Koch serves as a Partner at JB&B, one of New York City’s premier consulting engineering firms, and has worked as an Electrical Engineer on a wide variety of projects spanning multiple industry sectors such as healthcare, life sciences, commercial office, and building infrastructure upgrades. As part of JB&B’s healthcare team, John has played a significant role on some of the city’s most prestigious and multi-faceted medical centers.

John’s comprehensive grasp of electrical engineering is complemented by the enthusiasm and expertise with which he applies it to complex design challenges. He is particularly adept at negotiating the balance between addressing a client’s immediate needs and intuiting project needs that may not present themselves for another ten to fifteen years. It’s this commanding sense of the industry and of his craft that has afforded him the ability to factor non-engineering elements into uniquely future-flexible designs. Understanding that the patient experience is central to every healthcare project, he’s a staunch advocate of using building intelligence technologies to provide patients with more control, from adjusting the room temperature and ordering the day’s meals to obtaining diagnosis information or video-chatting with the nurse on call.

John is a board member on Manhattan College’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Board of Advisors, Vice Chair of Fire Pumps and Special Conditions for the NYC Electrical Code Revisions Technical Committee, and Committee Member of FGI Guidelines for Health and Residential Care Facilities During Emergency Conditions. John holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Manhattan College.