Kathy Kuntz

Executive Director, Cool Choices

Kathy Kuntz is the Executive Director of Cool Choices, a Wisconsin-based nonprofit that inspires individuals, communities and businesses to adopt sustainable practices that reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Cool Choices collaborates with private businesses and public entities to engage employees around sustainability, promoting changes at work and at home via a fun and social game format. 
Kathy has led Cool Choices since 2010 and has two decades of experience with energy efficiency and renewable energy. She previously led Focus on Energy, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy program; under her direction Focus on Energy exceeded its savings goals and deployed a number of cross-sector initiatives that provided deeper and broader customer engagement with efficiency. 

The author of numerous presentations and papers on behavior change and energy efficiency, Kathy has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, Morris and a master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.