Larry Simmons, Jr.

Project Manager, University of Texas System

Project Manager. University of Texas Office of Facilities Planning and Construction, PM/CM Services, Galveston, TX. Provided program management support during the construction, commissioning, and activation of the Jennie Sealy Replacement hospital at the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). Assisted by observing construction projects around the campus focused on integration of campus utilities and coordinated with campus personnel to achieve owner’s project requirements. Coordinated the commissioning effort from the Program Management level for installation and testing of all major building systems that included but aren’t limited to life safety systems, steam piping systems, domestic water systems, HVAC equipment, air intakes, exhausts, air handling units, pumps, piping, chillers, controls, plenums, pressurized systems, and drain-waste-vent piping. As well as architectural and electrical installations. Encouraged participation in the safety program and enforced guidelines when appropriate. Acted as a liaison between program management office, design consultants, general contractor and campus departments during construction by monitoring contractor progress as well as helping to define solutions for challenges that naturally arise between the design, construction, and activation phases. Focused on budget, communication and timely delivery of the hospital projects.

Sr. Construction Engineer. Lockheed Martin Company, Staff Augmentation, Fort Worth, TX. Provided support to the Construction Engineering department of the Fort Worth based Air Force Plant #4. Assisted by observing multiple construction projects around the campus focused on tenant improvement and consolidating the Lockheed workforce. Performed QA/QC for installation of sprinkler and fire suppression systems, steam piping systems, domestic water systems, HVAC equipment, air intakes, exhausts, air handling units, pumps, piping, chillers, controls, plenums, pressurized systems, and drain-waste-vent piping. As well as architectural and electrical installations. Performing surveillance and inspection of assigned construction projects. Encouraged participation in the safety program and enforced guidelines when appropriate. Acted as a field engineer during construction by monitoring contractor progress as well as helping to define solutions for challenges that naturally arise between the design and construction phases. Focused on timely delivery of the consolidation projects to minimize the ripple effect to the end users caused by construction delays.

Commissioning Manager. US Army Corps of Engineers Fort Worth District, San Antonio Military Medical Center North, San Antonio, TX. Project included renovation to an existing hospital and a 1.5 million SF expansion with interstitial space, including new construction of a world-class Level 3 trauma center, a state-of-the-art burn ward, a bone marrow transplant center, specialized laboratories, integrated surgical units, high filtration ventilation systems, positive and negative pressure sensitive patient rooms, security surveillance and access control systems, fire alarm and suppression systems, engineered smoke control, integrated nurse call systems, infant protection systems, and an upgraded data center and command center. The project also included a rooftop helipad (the first in Department of Defense inventory) with dedicated vertical transportation, a new central energy plant, upgrades to the existing central energy plant, and a parking structure. All the structures were connected to the upgraded main data center in the existing hospital. Embedded as a commissioning process subject matter expert within US Army Corps of Engineers staff. Responsibilities encompassed construction and transition to the facility occupancy and operation phases for four concurrent projects for the Base Realignment and Closure Act, including two hospitals, a central energy plant, and a parking structure. Review plans and specifications, shop drawings, and request for change to determine site compatibility, applicability of terrain, soils, feasibility of structure to anticipate problems. Verified commissioning activities for renovation of Brooke Army Medical Center while the hospital maintained uninterrupted healthcare. Led and coordinated a technical group brought in as staff augmentation during the commissioning effort. Prepared implementation strategies for commissioning program development. Reported project commissioning progress to various levels of stakeholders. Analyzed commissioning plan progress and suggested solutions to facilitate beneficial occupancy. Interacted with end users through protocol channels to ensure design intent. Contributed to the commissioning verification plan. Served as liaison for information among the different branches of the US Army Corps of Engineers, the contractor, the owner’s representative, and end users to streamline efforts. Coordinated the integration, operation, and transition on behalf of end users. Contributed to the final lessons learned documentation.

Senior Construction Engineer. US Postal Service, New Orleans Processing and Distribution Center, New Orleans, LA. Delivered several completed projects ahead of schedule and under budget during the Hurricane Katrina emergency restoration project to achieve project goals under adverse environmental conditions. Supervised post-flood environmental cleanup. Provided oversight for claims and change order analysis, Review of contractor submittals, Shop drawing review, QA inspection. Restored electrical, mechanical, fire, life safety, low-voltage, and vertical transportation and mechanization systems for the center along with the adjacent 13-floor federal office tower to restore functionality to both facilities after the storm. Aided designers-of-record with triaging the facility systems and assessed the integrity of mission-critical systems. Worked with owner representatives and end users to establish temporary requirements to return the plant to abbreviated operations during an interim contract period prior to permanent solutions. Used ASHRAE Guideline 0 as a basis for the commissioning process. Developed metrics to determine success of the commissioning process. Coordinated design charrettes with multilevel stakeholders to facilitate development of a permanent project during construction of an interim contract. Located temporary electrical and mechanical equipment on the street, installed traffic controls and a security fence for safety, and moved electrical switchgear and transformers from the basement to the second floor. Created and tracked a master list of equipment and systems requiring commissioning. Observed and reported results of temporary equipment start-up and testing to ensure reliability and effectiveness. Performing inspections of construction deviations from schedules, substitution of materials, and resolution of disputes. Observed contractor’s QC measure and safety practices. Enabled facilities to remain fully functional during the permanent repair phase of the project. Observed and recorded all training sessions for end users. Verified commissioning documentation completion for mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection equipment during the construction contract warranty period.

Project Closeout Manager. Dallas Independent School District, Program Management Services, Dallas, TX. Managed contract closeout from construction phase completion through formal document presentation to auditors. Facilitated communication and consensus among multiple stakeholders while aligning and enforcing contract requirements. Ensured closeout document content and completeness prior to client submittal. Conducted internal and external closeout meetings. Created a more productive work environment by optimizing and streamlining existing processes. Delivered accurate and timely submittals to the client and end users.

Construction Superintendent. BP Products North America Inc., Deepwater Horizon Recovery, Mobile, AL, and Panama City, FL. Organized resources as the near shore skimming project site lead. Managed hazardous waste operation staff levels to maintain the client’s level of expectation of value at two port cities. Trained hazardous waste operations staff trainers for project-specific health and safety requirements. Recorded and provided daily activity reports to upper management as required by the client to establish project effectiveness. Emphasized daily safety debriefs and toolbox talks to stress the importance of activity hazard analysis topics relevant to the Gulf Coast project. Empowered every individual on the job site to stop production if safety violations were suspected or observed until the situation was corrected.

Construction Superintendent and Project Manager. US Postal Service, Program and Construction Management Services Contract, Nationwide. Executed several diverse projects, including post-Hurricane Katrina remediation, a Leased Space Accessibility Program, and power upgrades to the Jack Watson Processing and Distribution Center. Concurrent with larger standalone projects, directed 722 construction projects remotely across the Southwest and Western Regions, including Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Efficiencies were used to achieve rigorous postal service headquarters goals and corporate targets. Each project included assessment reports, scopes of work, requests for proposals, proposals, bid analyses, contract requisitions, requests for information, change order proposals, invoice statements, and commissioning, accessibility certification, and contract close-out documentation. General duties included managing design-build, design-bid-build, and construction management-at-risk projects; providing on-site quality assurance/quality control support; enforcing subcontract requirements; and performing initial and final facility assessments for energy efficiency, mechanical proficiency, and Leased Space Accessibility Program Handbook RE-4 accessibility. Recommended design solutions, prepared requests for proposals, and validated contractor preconstruction qualifications for observed deficiencies. Managed stakeholder expectations and facilitated communications to achieve project goals and developed abbreviated commissioning processes for various systems based on postal service requirements for building envelope, accessibility, mechanical, and electrical systems. Directed commissioning activities, recorded results, suggested remediation when appropriate, and coordinated with authorities having jurisdiction for local and federal code compliance. Facilitated discussions during design reviews to ensure the owner’s project requirements were met or exceeded prior to construction.
Senior Construction Engineer. US Postal Service, Jack Watson Processing and Distribution Center, Fort Worth, TX. Managed conversion of the mail processing plant’s electrical service from underground to overhead. Coordinated with TXU Energy and local postal staff to facilitate a seamless utility transfer that included mission-critical plant shutdown schedules, procedures, and contingency plans to mitigate delays. Reviewed the owner’s project requirements and basis of design to ensure electrical solutions were in alignment with the client’s needs. Worked with designers and contractors during the construction process to develop the sequence of operations for new and refurbished equipment.

Coordinated stakeholder involvement during commissioning exercises. Recorded start-up and performance verification testing, pre-functional checking, and functional performance testing conclusions to include in the final commissioning report. Developed a logical approach to testing integrated systems and recorded results. Produced the final commissioning report. Reviewed required project-specific checklists developed by the engineer-of-record per the contract documents. Observed commissioning activities for the new electrical power service, suggesting corrective actions to the general contractor as appropriate, using project-specific documents developed by the engineer-of-record. Coordinated permitting and code compliance acceptance of various authorities having jurisdiction, such as the Fort Worth Building Department, postal service boiler and elevator inspectors, and other local authorities. Verified and recommended owner acceptance of completed systems. Evaluated electrical equipment for flow diagrams and ensured consistent power requirements throughout the facility. Provided oversight during implementation of local employee training for operations and maintenance of new equipment as part of the