Lindsey Waters

Urban Designer, HKS, Inc.

Lindsey Waters is driven by a passion to enhance the quality of the public realm through sustainable urbanism and community design. Lindsey works at HKS Architects as an urban designer and healthcare architectural designer. Her current research focuses on the intersection of community planning, population health and wellness. Many of her projects reflect that approach, focusing on how health can be a catalyst for urban growth and renewal or even a component of resilient planning at a community level. Recently, she presented on community resiliency planning with the American Metrological Society and published a white paper through the AIA Academy of Architecture for Health titled, “The Health & Wellness of People and Communities”.  Lindsey believes strongly that considering human factors at an urban level can and should inform all planning and design work. Her diverse background in sustainability, urban design, community engagement and architecture, give her a deep understanding of the importance of people to place, landscape and contextual design and how those elements inform each other. Lindsey earned an undergraduate degree in architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology, and a master of architecture from Clemson University. She also has a master of urban design from the University of Colorado Denver.