Director, Planetree

Lisa Platt joined Planetree in 2011. She holds a Masters of Science in Industrial Organizational Psychology and is currently pursuing a PhD in Systems Science with a concentration in Human Factors and Resilient Design for healthcare optimization at SUNY Binghamton. She is an ASQ Certified Six-Sigma Black Belt expert in Lean and statistical control of care delivery processes. Lisa’s professional background includes over twenty years of tenure in the field of healthcare design and she holds professional licenses with the States of Tennessee and Florida Boards for Architecture, Engineering and Design regulation. She has provided onsite education, training, analysis, and facilitation to public sector and VA healthcare organizations in North America and internationally related to performance improvement in healthcare practice and operation. She was a content contributor to Planetree’s latest edition of “Putting Patients First Field Guide,” is a participant in Planetree’s Speaker Bureau, is a co-principal investigator in ongoing research on the influence of Human Centered Design on patient and staff performance outcomes, and has authored several articles on designing and operating healthcare environments and applying quality management tools within the context of achieving specific patient experience, staff engagement, and safety goals.