Mark Dykes

Energy Project Manager, UF Health

"Mark has been with UF Health for 38 years and currently serves as the Energy Projects Manager at UF Health on the University of Florida Campus.

He works to manage a $30 million utility budget and regularly oversees complex mechanical projects within the 4,700,000 square feet encompassing UF Health. He has been involved in over 2 billion dollars in construction and renovations during his time at UF Health. His staff utilizes an automation system with over 300,000 points and have been the recipient of seven ASHE Energy to Care awards for sustained savings created by his energy efforts. He and his team continue to make great strides in this endeavor including aggregate savings of well over 10 million dollars within the Healthcare environment and the supporting facilities in the past 8 years. He is currently engaged with multiple companies helping to bring new ideas and innovation into the airside of the facility mechanical systems."