Md Mazharul Islam LEED AP BD+C, M.Arch

Research Assistant, Kent State University

I find healthcare architecture very informed and interactive since it provides the opportunity to work with the user group very closely and encourages the designer to be empathetic towards the user group. Regardless of its unique nature, it encompasses a broad range of guidelines and construction complexity and provides a platform to translate artistic expression into technical construction which I admire. In my journey to be a licensed Architect, I believe healthcare projects can expose me to an integrative process of design development, code analysis, technical challenges, project management, and practice management.

My latest internship experience was focused on healthcare design at Champlin Architecture in Dayton, Ohio. I primarily worked on the renovation project of the behavioral health unit of a local children’s hospital and some addition and renovation projects of another healthcare provider. Besides updating the design strategies, I participated in user group meetings, field verification, and prepared the construction drawing set in Revit. Under supervision, I have successfully prepared two architectural binders of the construction drawing set. In addition, I regularly attended client meetings of the new ambulatory building of the children’s hospital. Besides, I did my summer internship in 2019 and 2019 at PENH Studio, LLC in Houston, TX where my learning was focused on retail and commercial buildings. During my internship, I was able to contribute to different phases of projects such as Schematic Design (SD), Design Development (DD), Construction Document (CD), and design presentation materials.