Noah Kahn AIA

Director Project Metrics & Benchmarking, Kaiser Permanente

Noah Kahn is the Director of Project Metrics & Benchmarking at Kaiser Permanente (KP). KP is a 10.1 million member health maintenance organization with $56B operating revenue and over 1000 facilities in 7 states and the District of Columbia. Noah has been involved in design and construction for over 40 years and in health care for 28 of those years. He has worked both as an Architect and for the last 26 years as the Owner. Noah managed the KP seismic upgrade and renovation of the San Francisco Hospital, one of the most challenging projects in the state at that time. Noah also has expertise in electronic system development and deployment. He rolled out a national electronic project management system for KP capital facilities projects and also developed a cost modeling and cash flow forecasting system for use on healthcare projects. Recently, he developed a web based building cost metrics system and helped develop the national health care benchmarking project with CII. Noah was the guest editor of the HERD Journal and wrote the article National healthcare capital project benchmarking--an owner's perspective, and Healthcare –Tides of Change for HERD; 2009;Vol 3, No.1. Noah attended Carnegie-Mellon University and got his BARCH degree from the University of Oregon, Eugene. He serves on CII’s Board of Advisors.