Principal, Gensler

Tama Duffy Day is a Principal and Firm wide Practice Area Leader of Health and Wellness at Gensler, the leading global design and architecture firm. Tama’s three decades of experience have given her a significant body of knowledge in health, ranging from planning and designing projects with academic medical centers and community hospitals, to ambulatory care and community health centers. A strategic leader, she believes that research-driven design will transform environments into spaces that improve productivity and efficiency. She has received more than 60 awards and honors for her work. For three consecutive years, Tama was named one of the, “Most Influential People in Healthcare Design” by Healthcare Design magazine. She was recently awarded the American Society of Interior Designer (ASID) Designer of Distinction Award, a prestigious award recognizing those who have achieved the highest level of excellence in design. Tama’s continued contributions to health and wellness design and research keep her on the forefront of emerging trends that benefit her clients while producing environments that are inspirational, effective and support health. She can be reached at Tama_DuffyDay@Gensler.com or on Twitter via @TamaDuffyDay.